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Sitting alone in the woods I think about her smile The way she looks at me with her pretty enchanting eyes She calls my name with so much love Which races my heart for more pump Like a beautiful swan she sways her hair And my soul melts like piece of an ice between flares These emotions for her I wish to never cease So that we can cross our paths together with ease The reason to my smile is obviously her And all I want is her happiness as she's tender as pearl But I don't know why I'm becoming heartless And these emotions are fading away as sand from the hands Wrapped inside my own mixed confused clouds I wait for the lovely rain to clear all my doubts The love I feel inside my heart is not now on the shore But it's locking itself in as if that's why I'm born I can peruse a little warmth inside my heart And I wish it shall never go apart The embrace of her skin is all I missed standing so far away Is it because of the distance between us or a time's play I just miss you in all your forms And all I got is a voice or text in my dorm I know I'm not a perfect person but I have love But may be this distance is killing me inside for my heart to dump As my emotions for anyone or everything is diminishing And here I sit in the woods with my head up thinking But I know that I miss her and love her immensely But why are we so far away to love each other passionately