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When all else fails, pull out your red lipstick.

Red is a naturally sexy color -- let's face it. Red lipstick can easily turn any day from bad to good with a quick pucker of the lips and swipe of color. Sounds fairly easy, right? Well, it is. What's not so easy is finding the perfect red lipstick that will last throughout the day while keeping your lips bright and moisturized.
There are several red hippies that people rant and rave about on the daily, but it's mainly just hype. If you want to rock red lips like a true diva -- these four red lipsticks will literally save the day and possibly gain you a few dates. Pucker up ladies, are you "red"-y? See what I did there?

Russian Red By MAC

When looking for a blue based matte that is creamy and won't dry out your lips, turn to Russian Red -- it won't fail you.

Cruella By NARS

This velvet matte lip pencil is convenient and the perfect shade of red. It is beautifully pigmented and lasts throughout the day without leaving your lips dry and flaky like most matte lipsticks.

Underage Red By Kat Von D

It's absolutely no secret at all that Kat's Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are amazing. From the color payoff to the amazing packaging, it's so worth the money spent. This red is the perfect shade of crimson - making it easy to brighten anyones day.

Red Velvet By Lime Crime

Think Ruby Woo minus the dryness.
Applying a red lip can get a little messy if not done in the correct fashion. Be sure to take your time in order to perfect your red lip and unleash your diva. If you're interested in learning some lipstick hacks -- check out this card here.
@jordanhamilton u see it too! Thanks for that. But I'm also kind of a leader at my church so no heavy make up for me. Well,I could... I'm o try... just to see what comments I'll get. The members of my new church are cool tho, I just don't kno how cool
I definitely understand, my family is jamaican. literally everyone on my dad's side and certain things they still look at me sideways for. but you're very welcome! that's what I am here for - to be enlightened and at the end of the day, don't even worry about being judged. do what makes you most happy & don'
Thanks for the enlightenment tho.I love to see when another woman can rock that red!
It's somewhat deeper than that... it's more about religious culture for my country and I would feel or seem like I'm rebelling if I wear it. I'll be judged if I'm seen wearing it. Sigh...
Blue based? pls explain. I really love red lipstick but I'm so afraid to wear it. What wrong with me!
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