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Rap Monster - Dumbledore

The sort of insane leader that somehow always knows what is going on but never looks like he's 100% there. He probably has a weird password to get into his room at the dorm like "jimin-jams." Basically, he's the boss.

Suga - Scabbers

Who wants to lounge around eating and sleeping all day? Suga. Who gets mildly tortured by his friends all day? Suga. Who is secretly an evil man with a missing toe? Okay...hopefully not Suga.

Jimin - Neville Longbottom

The derpiest and dorkiest that is always getting into some kind of trouble. But then the second he's on stage Jimin randomly turns into a hot badass and everyone regrets making fun of him.

Jin - Mrs. Weasley

Mother of the house, terrorized by his BTS family members, probably stressed out of his mind...Jin is the ultimate Mrs. Weasley.

V - Luna Lovegood

V is not normal. If there is anyone who would whip out a pair of glasses what could help you see Warbles or whatever, it would be the resident alien, V.

J-Hope - The Weasley Twins

Yup, both of them. Never sitting still, always causing trouble, and probably using the ability to teleport WAY TOO MUCH.

Jungkook - Harry Potter

He's the golden boy, but also an actual derp face. He'll save the day always but he's nothing without his squad.
Of course Hobie is 2 people! LOL XD Love this!
omg i so see it
Haha this is so perfect!
such a cute smile. such a dork I love it.
I think these are so fitting XD