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Swedish company, Epicentre, is now offering employees a RFID, radio-frequency identification, to have under the skin of their hands.
The chips are about a grain of rice and they allow users to scan into their building, open doors, swap contact details, and use the photocopier. That’s it.
Co-founder and CEO of the company, Patrick Mesterton, has his reasons:
“Some of the future areas of use, I think, like anything where you today would use a pincode or key or card. Payment is one area or for healthcare reason. You can communicate with your doctor, and can get data on what you eat and your physical status."
Is this the future of passwords, pin numbers and simple communication...maybe the future of payment? I’m reminded again of any Sci-Fi movie that uses hand sensors for doors or passwords.
Just a swipe of the microchip and you are in the building. Seems pretty rad to me.
but can they send enough radiowaves to kill you??
ohhhhh good question @Kamiamon that would be the first thing I would ask about the application... what sort’ve toxic chemicals and radio waves would my body be exposed to.