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I could preach of love and honor I could point out your mistakes I could throw a fit and curse But all I do is pray Pray our love grows stronger Pray we don't give up Pray that we never say, "That's it I've had enough" I want to keep you here But I can't force you to stay We both have a lot on our minds But pride gets in the way I can't promise you the world Nor can you do the same I don't expect that love Just allow me to share your pain I was not born to be your rock I was born to help you through If you won't do right by me I'm not sure I can stand by you What you found in her embrace I must lack that quality But if you choose to leave me, Love Then we were simply not meant to be I cry as I write this But I grow stronger too I would love to have you there for me As I have been for you Now that love is ending I'm amazed how it began We may not be together now But you can always grab my hand That is what my love is So let's try and stay together You can walk away but I will be down for you forever ~Poem by Ellie Dean~
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This is really inspiring!