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what my cousins thought about bts........thank you @Taijiotter for giving me this idea
so we where all with my sister in her room and i turned on my computer and my desktop is BTS and my 8 year old said automatically hey they are hot who are they and im like my boyfriends and she like i like them and my ll year old cousin was like ewww they are ugly and i didn't argue with my cousin because i help what i want to tell him on the inside and my sister looked at me like clam down man she just 11 and she doesn't know kpop i was like true ehhh i don't care
we watched a movie and after the movie i told my cousins im show you my boyfriends videos so i showed them dope an i was singing and dancing while they where watching the video
so my 8 year old cousin said omg they are they are all hot but i like the one with blond hair more and my 11 ear old just look at me and said they all look like girls and left
so i showed her some bts bombs and more music videos and my 8 year old cousin was laughing and and dancing and i told her so these are my boyfriends and she replied not anymore hahahahaha (shes trying to steal my bts) aww she so cute i love her
i find it werid/funny how so far everyone i show bts too (in my family) they always have to say something good or bad to say about suga but he the first one everyone talks about hahaha
Lolol your 8 yr old cousin is the best. But oh god you two are going to be fighting over the members and your bias 😂
*high fives your 8 year old cousin* hahahahahah
Yes!!! You're 8 year old cousin knows what she's talking about. I wish BTS was out when we were her age. xD
@B1A4BTS5ever awwwww! *hugs*
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