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If you've seen My Neighbor Totoro, you know that there are 3 kinds of Totoros (forest spirits) that appear. Let's find out which one you would be if you were to ever become a Totoro! ^_^
What is your favorite season?
A. Summer
B. Spring
C. Winter
What do you like to do when it's raining outside?
A. Sleep in *zzzz*
B. Work on things indoors
C. Go outside and enjoy the rain
How do you feel about naps?
A. Naps are the best!
B. Maybe once in a while.
C. Naps are not my thing
Are you a night owl?
A. Yes, but I don't stay up TOO late
B. Not really
C. Yea! Stay up late night playing videogames, watching movies etc.
How would you most like to spend your day off?
A. Sleep in *more zzzz*
B. Catch up on chores and other work
C. Spend time on hobbies or go out and explore

Mostly As - You are a Oh-Totoro!

Oh-Totoro is the big gray Totoro that most people are familiar with. I like to believe there is one in every forest.
You enjoy warm weather and love getting more than your daily dose of sleep.

Mostly Bs - You are a Chuu-Totoro!

Chuu-Totoro is the medium-sized blue Totoro that runs around with a sack full of acorn.
You enjoy nice and cool weather and love staying on top of your tasks.

Mostly Cs - You are a Chibi-Totoro!

Chibi-Totoro is the small white Totoro that runs around helping Chuu-Totoro collect acorns. They run very fast and also have the ability to become invisible.
You are very energetic, enjoy the outdoors and appreciate snow.
Let me know what kind of Totoro you are! ^_^
@KpopGaby I hate cold weather so we have to adapt to be more like our totoros. XD
A Chibi-Totoro, cute
This is so cute!! and I'm Chuu-Totoro!!
I'm a Chibi but I still want a nap here and there!!! XD
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