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"I know my value. Anyone else's opinion doesn't really matter."

I've really enjoyed doing Closet Cosplays, so I thought I'd attempt one for one of my all-time favorite characters: Peggy Carter. She's kind of difficult to imitate on a budget (which is what the closet cosplays are designed for) but I think it can still be done. Peggy actually has a very distinctive style, so adopting a few dramatic pieces might be all you need to do to greate your very own Peggy Carter cosplay from items you already own!

Color Scheme

Peggy's colors are often red, white, and blue, which reflect the origins of her character (since she emerged within the Captain America mythos). It's also a show of patriotism, both for her country of origin (Britain) and the country where she currently resides (the United States). A navy blue blazer would be totally in character.
If you want something more muted, Peggy also wears browns, creams, and on one memorable occasion, a jaw-dropping gold dress. A brown collared dress would definitely work.

Sharp Lines

Peggy doesn't wear patterns, and while she doesn't reject femininity, her outfits are definitely work wear. Her collars are usually very big- which is rare for clothing today.
Instead of a floral pattern, grab an unadorned white or blue button-up shirt (like these). If you want the costume to look more accurate, you can always pin the material to look more like Peggy's outfits. As for her suit, lots of people are able to find nice work attire on sites like Ebay (this suit would be great). However, if you're working with what you already have, stick to the color scheme and worry less about the modern style.

Accessories and Make-up

Yeah, remember that time Hayley Atwell got her license renewed... and had to get her photo retaken while she was in costume!? My point is, while Peggy Carter's makeup seems very iconic, it's not an out-of-the-ordinary look.
Red lipstick is a must. Sephora carries a beautiful shade of cream lip stain, and Essie has seemingly unlimited options for your red manicure. You can also curl your hair using this method by @HairConfetti whose tutorial is really helpful if you've never done that before.


Peggy sure does a lot of running in those heels (not to mention climbing around on the outside of buildings, beating up thugs, saving New York...). Her heels usually aren't very high, two inches is more than enough most of the time.
A pair of Mary Jane heels will help you look the part, but any plain pumps within the color scheme will work as well.


The most important part of this costume is your attitude. Are you done with everyone else's incompetence? Are you prepared to kick butt and take names? Do you accept zero excuses from anyone- including yourself? If so, you're ready to rock this costume!

I hope you liked this edition of closet cosplays!

Follow my collection if you don't want to miss the next ones! And let me know in the comments if there's a character you'd like me to attempt! :D
Perfect! I'm a fan of those sorts of 40s-styled shoes and have a very cute pair I got from DSW for about $25, or a pair of dance character shoes works perfectly as well! And the good thing about Peggy is that her look is just recognizable enough that even my mom who doesn't know Marvel characters by name for the life of her, was able to point out 'the detective lady' at SDCC
I went from YASS YASS YASS to AWWW at the last gif. Great closet cosplay idea, especially the attitude tip! :)
The easiest part of this would deff be the hair & makeup for me, but I dont' have any pieces like these! Still, looks really great
The Winter Soldier awesome!!! Like you said as long as your costume looked the part I don't think you needed to build armor.
@poojas ahahahaha :D I'm glad you enjoyed it! @CarmenMRey that sounds awesome! You're totally right, Peggy has a very distinctive look so even if your costume isn't an exact match you can get a really good approximation of her costume. @purplem00n23 I was the Winter Soldier XD I didn't built armor I just used paint. That sounds like a really awesome costume! I feel like if your costume looked the part, as long as your hair wasn't bright green or something people would figure it out. Wigs can be really uncomfortable
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