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I love Family Feud. It’s one of those shows that never get old to me.

One of the details that make the show go is that the detailed questions asked demand a quick response. Some contestants handle the moments of pressure with ease. Many crumble of the pressure of the time restraints.
Every episode we are blessed with an odd answer from a member of the show. Today I heard an answer from a contestant that nearly knocked me out of my seat.
Steve Harvey starts out the segment in normal fashion:

“Erica, name something people bury in the backyard for the win.”

Me screaming at the screen: “Time capsule… uhhhh… deceased pet!!”

Erica: Placenta.

Uhhhhh… what?
The lady hopped in to defend her answer immediately. “You know, to help rose bushes grow and such. I’ve seen it in the movies.”
Harvey replied furiously, “Man where are you guys from? How in the hell do you come from the hospital with your placenta in a bag and take it in your backyard for some roses? You didn’t see that in any movie!”
Like Steve, I was lost.

Erica, are you saying that placenta use is a hidden secret in the gardening world?

Jesus grab the wheel.
I like how Erica keeps defending her answer. You do you, Erica.
Dude, Family Feud is the absolute greatest. this is a great one. my personal favorite:
loved this!!!
@danidee I stumbled across this one and hard to share this in a card. I have seen plenty of odd answers on the show, but this one was one of the
Lol luv this show...never disappoints...
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