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First of all, if you don't know what these are -- these are Spanish limes. Although, I'd say they aren't as sour as limes or lemons. They are a bit sweeter, with a bit of tang. They go by many names, and you can usually find these in the tropics like the Caribbean, South America, and Central America.
They fairly small in size -- a bit larger than a grape. The middle of these fruits have a large, hard seed. So, the right way to eat them is to suck them. If you want to keep all of your teeth, do.not.bite.into.these.

Here's what they look like inside:

What name do you use to name these majestic fruits?

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go into ur neighbors yard lol @TerrecaRiley. i used to steal mangoes from my neighbors yard when I was younger. i prolly wont do that now though...
@alywoah lol... unfortunately, my present neighbors have no yard and the trees here bear no edible fruit, except for the plum trees that are some distance away
In Suriname we call this fruit : Knippa! So goooood. Sometimes it can taste sour but a nice mix of sweet and sour. love it!!
that's interesting. it looks like it sounds a lot closer to 'quenepas'. they are good. gahhh i miss having them. @valery70
yep sounds pretty much as 'quenepas'. @ alywoah