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Move over Disney Princesses, the Kardashian's are taking over.

As of lately several artists have been putting their own creative twists on the Disney Princesses -- see here. Dylan Charles Bonner (visual artist for Refinery29) created these amazing images of the Kardashian's channeling their inner Disney Princess.
Talk about amazing illustrations. Unfortunately, we don't have a Princess Caitlyn -- but Kylie held it down for the Jenner's. Let's just sat these images are a 'dream come true', no pun intended.

Rapunzel or should we say Khloe is giving us flowy hair realness and let's just admit that this is perfect.

Princess Courtney looks cute as usual. She's just missing Scott. Oops, I mean Aladdin.

Kendall makes Cinderella looks good. Does this mean that Khloe, Kim and Kourtney would be her evil step sisters?

Yes, Mama Kris! Who knew Kris could make Maleficent look so good?

I think we can all agree that we love Kylie, I mean Elsa with the dark hair.

This is simply amazing.

Do we all agree that we prefer the Kardashian's as the Disney Princesses?