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Indoor Shutters - DIY

Now that we'ere in August, (can you really believe it?!), it's time for some August diy projects! This is all about cute indoor shutters. It reminds me of something you'd see in a cute little kid's room. If the colors were bright like a pink or yellow, it would remind me of something from the islands.

Supplies Needed:

1×4 boards
gel stain (optional if you want to distress it)
some picture hangers

Get Started:

Cut 6 boards to 3 feet in length and then 4 boards cut to measure 12 inches. Depending on which home improvement store you get the wood at, they should cut these for free.
Lay out the pieces and paint. You can use spray paint just fine for this.
Lay the 12" pieces out and stack three of the 3-foot boards on there and nail. (Pictured is a nail gun, but you don't need a nail gun.)
This part is optional, but if you want to distress the look of your boards, you need to apply a little bit of gel stain. The trick for this is to apply just a little bit and to do it FAST BEFORE IT DRIES!
Attach picture hangers onto the backside and it's ready for hanging! A project like this shouldn't cost more than $50. In fact, you can expect to spend less than $30 for this. For more projects, click here.
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Make This Shelf In 1 Hour - DIY
Totally serious! Yes--you can make this cute shelf with cute curves in about an hour. To add color to this woodworking project, all you have to do is get spray paint, sealant and wait for it to dry, which means it won't be done in an hour. Maybe 2-3 hours. Supplies Needed: -DPI board (you only need one sheet) -a pine board (1 x 6 x 8 would be just enough) -10 wood screws -paint & polyurethane -saw tooth picture hangers (optional) Tools: -table saw (you could get away with just using a hand saw) -drill -square -2 clamps (or a pair of helping hands) Step One: Cut 2 strips of DPI (each 6" x 48") and one board at 6" x 28 11/16". On either end of those pieces, measure and mark in 3 inches. Step Two: From here, it's just a matter of taking one side of each of the DPI pieces and putting them together, overlapping by 3 inches, then clamping them together. (Clamp on the end of each piece. You want room to screw into the middle shelf.) Make sure to keep the shiny side on the outside. After one side is clamped,very carefully, bend the two unclamped ends together, overlapping by 3 inches, and then clamp those. TIP: DPI will bend, but when you are bending it, do it slowly and without applying too much pressure to one single section, or it will snap. Step Three: Once the circle is formed, and if you did your math right, the center piece should fit nicely. From there, you can hold boards up wherever you want them and mark. Then cut. If the piece hits right in the middle of the circle, you won't need to cut angles. Step Five: After the pieces are cut and looking good in their respective spots, hold a speed square up to them while screwing them in... gotta keep the wonkiness to a minimum. Step Six: Finally, you can just put a screw or nail in the wall, hang the shelf on it, and call it a day. Or spend 5 more minutes and put a couple saw tooth hangers on the back for extra stability. Now that you're in the woodworking phase of DIY, click here to see even more!