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Here's a chart that surfaced on Twitter before yesterday's game - so, before his ridiculous home run off a pitch that nearly hit him in the ribs - that outlines Lucas Duda's crazy home run record of late.

Including last night's bomb against Jordan Zimmerman, Duda has hit 9 home runs in his last 8 games.

That's off-the-charts good. The coolest part? He's not settling for any one kind of pitch. It doesn't really matter to Lucas Duda.
Outside. Inside. Up in the zone. Low and away. Left field, right field, straight-away center
Who cares? Duda is getting it done.
Duda is a big, powerful fella, evidenced by his 30-home run tally last season. But he was mired in what was essentially a 2-month slump before last week and his average had plummeted below .240. It was tough to watch.
Looking back, though, maybe his slump can be explained by the lack of support he had. Opposing pitchers had no reason to pitch to Duda, so they threw him garbage, and he swung at it.
Now, with Uribe, and, especially, Cespedes in the lineup, pitchers can't sidestep Duda.
We saw it on Saturday night, as Cespedes was intentionally walked to get to Duda, and Duda delivered with a game-winning RBI double.

There are other threats, and that's a beautiful thing.