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Travis Scott continues to take redefine the concert experience for hip-hop fans. Unfortunately for Scott, his free range performance style got him placed in the slammer.

This weekend Travis was scheduled to perform at Lollapalooza at Grant Park in Chicago. According to the Associated Press, Scott urged raging fans to “jump over security barricades” near the front of the stage.
Not a bright idea from the talented emcee.
Things got out of hand quick as fans rushed the stage to party with Scott. Upon seeing the violent response from fans, Scott had a change of heart, imploring fans to stop charging or the show would get shut down.
Scott’s attempts to quell the crowd were apparently unsuccessful. Security was forced to step in and shut down the performance before anyone got hurt.

Scott was arrested later on Saturday and will face charges of disorderly conduct.

Lets hope the former XXL Freshmen has learned a valuable lesson from this one. I’m sure there is another way he can take the show to another level without putting the fans at risk of injury.