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Insecurity (n.) - uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence.

If you thought you were the only one who had insecurities, think again. We all have them, but not all of us voice them and that's okay. But like anything, the more you voice your issues or problems -- the better things get. More times than usual, the way you're feeling there's someone out there who feels the same exact way. You'll never know unless you speak up though.
We are all perfectly imperfect in some way, shape or form -- thanks to an anonymous app and some very brave models who voiced their very personal feelings. At the end of the day whether you strut down the runway for a living or enjoying eating a large pizza on the weekend -- we are all flawed. It takes a very strong person to realize their beauty despite their flaws. Don't your flaws to blind you from seeing your true beauty.
We all struggle with the same issues. Let's start lifting one another up instead of bringing each other down. We are all fighting the same battle. You're amazing just the way you are. Now twirl honey, twirl.
check out this card -- here for easy ways to feel effortlessly beautiful daily.
Awesome! It's great to know that even the most "beautiful" people in the world struggle from these same insecurities we do. I'll remember that next time I'm looking in the mirror :)
I didn't even know that was a site, haha @Amye1
I also downloaded Whisper..... Love it!
yes! always remember, at the end of the day we may look different, but we all have the same issues or at least similar ones @allischaaff