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Shout out to TLC for making the most ridiculous shows on TV that are for some reason, soooo intriguing!!! Seriously, I gasp at least 100 times every time I watch these shows and it's amazing. Get ready to be kind of fascinated, but mostly terrified.

Freaky Eaters

Yes, you read that video description right, it says "addicted to cheesy potatoes". Freaky Eaters tells the bizarre stories of people with strange eating habits. In this episode (which I've watched about 10 times) a woman battles her addiction to cheesy potatoes, and struggles with her lifelong fear of ham and vegetables. Other odd addictions include ice cream sandwiches, cheeseburgers and meat. Just raw meat.

Sex Sent Me to the ER

The title says it all. Not only does can you watch a few sex horror stories that end in actual hospitalization, but it's all done reenactment style. You've got a couple D-list actors reenacting an embarrassing trip to the ER and I promise it's the best thing you've seen on TV in a while.

My Strange Addiction

Probably the most famous of the three (and for good reason), My Strange Addiction tells the stories of people with addictions that are a bit..unusual. Addicted to eating plastic bags, addicted to drinking urine, addicted to growing her hair 21 feet long, addicted to looking like Justin Bieber....the list goes on and on. Please scroll through the pictures above if you want to be a little horrified, but totally intrigued.
@LauraFisher "I didn't know I was pregnant" is also a classic hahaha
OMG THE URINE DRINKER. I don't even know how to feel.
SHE DRINKS HER URINE i need to watch this like yesterday !!! and the sex sent me to the ER is SO FUNNY
My strange addiction is like...fascinating. I'm not entirely sure why I watch it lol. It's so screwed up. Like there was this lady on there who like...ate bricks.
poor Toby :( he spent so much to look like JB but he doesn't look anything close xD
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