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The wonderful @jordanhimilton tagged me in a prompt to write a letter to my future self! I hope all of you try to write your own, its very interesting speaking to what you could be! Check out her card here!
Dear Liz,
Man, don't you wish we told people our nickname was Libby? That is so much cooler...actually I hope you finally remembered to introduce us as Libby and started spreading that. So let me start again.
Dear Libby,
Yeah I like that. I feel like I am writing this letter during a very pivotal point in my life and there is one thing that I am hoping for above all else.
I hope that we have learned complete body acceptance. I hope you don't get nervous wearing bathing suits anymore and have embraced the stretch marks that might fade (I'm working on it) but will still always be there. I hope that the mirror doesn't bother you as much anymore and that going to wing night doesn't reduce you to tears and guilty push ups because 20cent wings really rock.
I hope you stopped wearing t-shirts as much and started wearing all the clothes you want to wear because who cares if they hug your tummy a little to tight and your strong legs are the focal point? I hope you embrace the dressing room mirrors because it gives you a 360 view of just how beautiful you are. Because everyone will say you look great but I want to already know we look great. So I really hope you believe it.
And just so you know this letter is really from me (well past you) I'll add this. I really hope we made enough money to go grocery shopping at Fairway, because their colorful produce makes me feel healthier just staring at it.
Loving you more (slowly) every time I look in the Mirror Libby,
Awww Libby! I love this. I love body positivityyyyy. This was perfect from the 20cent wing reference to the 360 degree mirror. I love your positivity. Keep on being beautiful inside and out. Thanks so much for participating :)
@jordanhamilton hahaha i appreciate so much that you called me libby I'm such a dork (and way easy to please)!! this was really fun and deff got my priorities in order
to be honest, I love the name Libby! glad you enjoyed!!!