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Hello everyone, it is I, moonstals, your source for all things Jessica Jung related. Why am I your source? Because chances are I know more about her than you will ever care to. I know where she is and where she will be, I predict what products she'll release next and when (and have been correct every single time, the weirdo loves dropping hints on her Instagram), I know who she's working with, people, designers, producers. If it's about Jessica (or Tiffany or Mamamoo, but that's neither here nor there), I know it. Though if you do know more than I do, you are a very cool person. High five.
There's actually a Jessica community on Vingle here --> :)
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@kpopandkimchi Thank you, I've already joined. It seems sadly bare. No fun there, unfortunately.
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@moonstals looking forward to see what you can do with iy^^
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