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I finally understand the expression "if you love someone let them go." Before I thought it was assinine crazy why would someone do that? When I found love Id stick by them not push em away. Then last night happened and it opened my eyes. The woman I love made sense of it she said she loved me. She understood and didnt want me to hurt anymore....... It was like a knife to the heart. Thats when I realized when you love someone so much you want them happy above all else. No matter what it means for you, youll do it just for them happily. Even letting them go. Now letting them go can have a ton of different meanings. Not just one I originally believed. Letting them go can be moving away, one dying, breaking up, anything really. I see that now and I have a love like that. It hits home because for the first time in my life , Im willing to let go of the one I love so dearly. Just like she would do for me. It wont come to that I dont think but if it does we know. Thats the craziest thing you love someone so much youll do anything. I hope that for everyone, everyone deserves to feel that good. Funny thing about love itll make you do crazy shit. Logic goes out the window when your in love. Not to mention itll change your life forever.
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It's quite simple... You love them. You just want the best for them. Even if it's not you. So you'll be anything and everything for them. Even nothing.... If that's how you can help them the most, if that's what they want, then that's what you'll do. You care more about their wellbeing than yours. I understand this perfectly. I think lol