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I really liked doing a Catwoman-inspired workout last week, so I decided to keep up with the villain trend and design a workout routine based on everyone's favorite trickster, Loki. He's not a character known for his brute strength, but Loki's no slouch either. This workout is designed to increase flexibility, so it will definitely bring out the devious villain in you!
I've got a whole collection of superhero-themed workouts, follow so you don't miss a card!

The Workout

Like I said, Loki isn't all about brute strength- that's his brother Thor. But Loki is incredibly powerful. He's the kind of opponent that knows how to use the strength that he has with precise skill.
A good way to balance this routine is with a cardio workout during the week. Running or cycling will get your heart rate up, and increase your stamina so that you can get the most out of your workouts. Or you can do this routine really fast with no breaks- your heart will really be pumping after that!


To prepare for the role, Hiddleston explored a variety of workouts to make sure the experience was never dull. His favorites: yoga, rock climbing, hiking, and dancing. Scheduling one day to cool down was also essential: giving his body a day of rest triggered the healing process for his muscles, which made them much stronger.

The Music

So we all know Loki is a bad guy, right? Has his heart set on world domination, plus a lot of confusing baggage regarding his family. If you really want to channel his attitude, check out this bad-girl pop anthem.

The Cool-Down

After a taxing workout, treat your body to a comforting bath. Cool water will accelerate your metabolism, but hot water will ease tension, so decide which is best for you.
These bath bombs are actually Loki-themed, so you can even bathe like the Crown Prince of Mischief!

I hope you enjoy your devious new workout routine!

Let me know if you have any requests in the comments. :D @buddyesd @loftonc16 @PC15 @OhmaCharly I hope you like this.
@buddyesd ooooh yeah that can be my next one! @PC15 I adore that movie! He's so great in it :D
@loftonc16 he is ehehehehe XD
Lol Loki is awesome. :)
oh my gosh I am in a Hiddleston phase right now after watching Only Lovers Left Alive, so this is absolutely amazing 馃槏
I like this one, I could probably do these without moving the furniture around :) can you do a Hawkeye one? please? please? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease????? :D
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