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After putting out a sub-par diss track in his battle against Drake, Meek Mill is receiving harsh criticism from all angles. Basketball players, major brands and fans have all voiced their displeasure with Meek’s rebuttal.

Today, the WWE chimed in, voicing their issues with the Philly native. This guy can’t catch a break.

Meek Mill used The Undertaker’s intro in his “Wanna Know” diss track, and the famed wrestler wasn’t for it one bit.

The Taker hopped on Twitter to share his thoughts on the track. “Disrespectful. Using my entrance as a written song ? Are you that’s pathetic , or are you Drake’s bitch?” He later added, “Talk about evil @MeekMill ? Can’t even walk a mile of my graveyard.”
Now the WWE might be looking to take legal action against the rapper. According to TMZ reps for the company say, “WWE takes its intellectual property rights very seriously, and we’re looking into the matter.”

Somewhere in the depths of Philly, Meek Mill is laying in a room, shedding a tear over this Drake beef.

Lets hope this comes to an end soon.