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Epik High is epic!
Tablo is badass!
HIGHGRND is going to be double the awesome?!
I've been seeing a lot of news about Tablo's new label recently and I am SUPER EXCITED for some amazing music from this label!
First, let's check out more photos of the HIGHGRND studio that Tablo shared on Instagram.
Don't you want to visit this place? It looks so cool! Loving the style, lighting and art!
According to Soompi, Tablo created HIGHGRND to be able to introduce talented and individualistic artists. The label became active once Oh Hyuk officially joined.
Here's a preview video of Oh Hyuk from when he joined HIGHGRND a few weeks ago.
Seems like even YG supports Tablos's new label!
“I can’t interfere with [Tablo's work] and I don’t have the time to do so anyway. Since I helped him get started, I have to trust in him 100% and support everything he chooses to do. The free and unique characteristics of the artists are the biggest strengths of independent labels. The respect for this is why HIGHGRND was created.” (Quote from Soompi)
I, for one, am super excited for Tablo's new venture. How about you?
I like when anyone tries to open themselves to the business side of music, so more power to him!
@CandaceJordan Of course friend :)
@poojas Thank you for believing in me. :-))
So freakin awesome!
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