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natural hair (n.) - hair in its natural state

They rock it with pride and have no shame in their hair game. Every queen needs a crown and hers is placed on top of her head in the form of braids, twists, an afro, a puff and so much more. There's not just one style, there are several and each woman has the capability of rockin' it differently. It's beautiful and kinky. It can easily get tangled and your twist out doesn't always turn out exactly how you had planned, but you wouldn't trade it for the world.
You love your natural hair and nothing nobody says or does can stop you from embracing your tresses. You might get stares, but you don't care -- you continue to hold your head high so your crown doesn't begin to slip. With stares come questions and some questions can easily get you out of character, but you quickly remind yourself that you're a queen. You can look, but please don't touch -- here are three questions you should never ask a woman with natural hair.

Is It Yours?

Excuse me? Why is that any of your concern? Maybe it is, maybe it's not -- either way it's on my head.

Can I Touch It?

Can you touch artifacts and masterpieces in a museum? Ok then. There's your answer.

Why Don't You Relax Your Hair?

Why don't you relax your mind and stop worrying about what I'm doing? Why does my natural hair intimidate you? If I want to be natural let me. If I want to relax my hair, I will gladly do so.

Just remember, with or without her crown -- a queen will still be a queen.

no chemicals to me ting! no matter what anyone says!
:D :D :D <3 <3 (^_^) I LOVE THIS OKAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ppl be asking me if my hairs real. of course it is
I hear that!! @TerrecaRiley
YAYYYYYYYYYYY! I'm glad you love it :) <3 that makes me happy @alywoah