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If you're like me, you'll wander through life contemplating "what-ifs". If you ever found yourself wondering "What if Reservoir Dogs had an all-female cast?" like I have after a night of drinking, well we finally have an answer. Three years ago, Australian filmmaker Garnet Mae provided us with the alternate universe version of Reservoir Dogs -- cleverly titled Reservoir Cats -- we didn't know we wanted.
You can get a sense of how much effort went into this remake of Reservoir Dogs. Even though shot-for-shot remakes seem like easy work on paper, it takes a lot of work to make each scene happen.
Part of my interest for this remake comes from the curiosity that I have when it comes to where they decided to shoot each scene. Since the filmmakers, cast, crew, etc. are all in a different country it's fun -- especially if you've watched Reservoir Dogs as much as I have -- to see the way they envision the script with the locations they have available to them.
It also shows us that gender in this movie -- in my opinion -- doesn't matter at all. Each character can still have the same personalities as their male counterparts in the actual film. That being said, it really makes you wonder how necessary men are in action movies at all.
Sure, it's sort of coded into society's "language" that males are the action heroes and that females are "not" (I guess?) but maybe a change of pace is what we really need. Reservoir Cats reminds us of this and puts it right in front of our consciousness and, you know, that's pretty fucking awesome.
You can watch the full film for free here.
@paulisaverage I can't think of a single argument that disagrees with you. You're totally right. I'm dying both because I'm laughing too hard and because this is the must frustrating thing ever
@shannonl5 Because it's one hundred percent (full success) true. I can't think of any reason why that isn't based in something completely close-minded.
"it really makes you wonder how necessary men are in action movies at all." this is my actual favorite thing
Ah agreed all around!