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Korea's older population is conservative. Gay marriage isn't legal, 2015 was the first year gay pride wasn't shut down because of riots (there were still riots this year, but the police were on the pride parade's side this time) and it is much harder for younger people to be open about their sexuality.

Idols rarely (basically never) discuss serious issues, and LGBT rights is one of them. Below are two exceptions:


In 2013, there was a movement called "안녕들 하십니까? 저는 안녕하지 못합니다." (How are you? I am not alright) when university students would write down their struggles and frustrations on bulletin boards.
One message, written by a transsexual university student who is bisexual, became Jonghyun's twitter profile picture. This of course caused a huge ruckus in the Kpop world, where idols don't usually express their opinions on important topics like LGBT rights. The fact that Jonghyun was so openly supporting this student's cry for equality was a really big (awesome!) deal.
In order to make sure the author of the bulletin board was okay with this, Jonghyun even reached out to them personally.
To read the full translation of the original student's message, check it out >>here<<

“I support you who are rightly exclaiming that difference is not wrong. I do not think you need comfort or concern. You are that strong. I hope health and warm is with you for this end of the year.” - Jonghyun


Please Don't's music video's plot took the entire world by surprise with its twist ending. Through the whole video, we think that Seo In Guk is upset because the girl he loves is marrying his best friend. Turns out, we're wrong.
This is a subtle, artistic way of standing up for the gay community and it was beautifully done thanks to a great director, cast, and of course, musician.
Watch the music video on the card (slide left) :D
I don't have record of anyone saying things other than ignorant defensive comments like 'ew why would you think I'm gay man? *manly punch to the shoulder*" so I am not going to list those here.
Thinking about international pop music, with so many singers that are openly gay, singing about gay rights, etc - why don't idols ever mention controversial topics? Yes they're controlled by their agency, but come on!
K.Wills MV was the absolute best! I was completely shocked by the ending. It really was beautifully done. I had no idea Jonghyun had done something like that! he just moved up a few spots on my Bias list lol. Idols aren't allowed to mention controversial topics because their agencies are prob afraid of how easily people will twist their words and take things the wrong way.
I think a lot of ppl are really just afraid to speak b/c of the conservative culture. And I'll confess that I go to church and I believe in the bible but I don't judge ppl and I respect everyone's right to what they want while they are a live I understand it's really hard to get pass all of the judgements of society.
and honestly some of them may be lgtb.
Perhaps it's because they are afraid of giving their opinion since idols know how fans tend to react towards certain things and they don't want their reputation to be ruined (Although I don't see why an opinion would completely destroy their reputation) . Rap Monster is also supportive of LGBT (He made a tweet about Macklemore's song and claimed he loved it even more after learning the meaning of it). I think Suga is also supportive of LGBT considering the lyrics in Cypher pt.3 but I could always be wrong.
I wonder if it's for the same reason people who aren't famous don't 'come out'. It's not like you get to do it once and then it's over. Often, you have to do it over and over and over again. It can be a very tiring process, and in a lot of ways people begin to target you for it. Even idols need to consider their safety and their sanity. It would help a lot I believe if those who were supportive spoke up because it would make the environment less toxic. But there's a lot of pressure not to do so. I'm not saying it's a good thing that they don't, but I do understand
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