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The Minions never seem to stop getting into trouble, as evident today when a 40-foot inflatable balloon of one minion ("Kevin" - to be exact) collapsed over the Old Swords Road in Dublin.
I've got to wonder: If a Minion falls in Ireland and no one's there to see it, does it still go "baboy"?
I know, I know. Bad joke. But anyway, back to the story.
"It was a bizarre enough phone call," said Erin Van Londen, the resident who first alerted local authorities about the giant minion that had gone amuck.
Apparently, the 40-foot minion balloon was a part of a weekend carnival, and somehow managed to topple over the nearest main road.
According to another witness, the minion (quite despicably) knocked the wing-mirror off one man's car, but otherwise, there were no injuries caused in the time it took authorities to properly deflate the balloon.
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@jayrock727 lol do you live by Ireland??
@danidee no i do not
@jayrock727 well that's why ;)))) lol jk
Would love to seen this
It's a sign.