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I feel like I should have done this A LONG TIME AGO! Air guitar, no more! Not with these cute guitars make of cardboard and decorated with paint!

Supplies for this project:

Printed template (download here)
Box cutter
Paint and paintbrush
Step 1
Have all your supplies ready, including the guitar printed and cut-out template. Trace the template over your cardboard, then cut.
Step 2
Cut two rectangles strips 1 1/2″x 16″ each.
Step 3
Now glue one of your strips on the guitar and let dry. Turn your guitar on the other side and glue on the other strip for reinforcement.
Step 4
Probably the most fun part of all--PAINTING! Honestly, just have a blast with this part. Be as creative as you'd like. It could be whatever. Stickers would be great too!
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I love this one :) I can already hear Bark at the Moon lol
so no more air guitar? !
I am so going to make these for my apartment when I move!!!
LOL nope @marshalledgar That is a GREAT IDEA @TessStevens I didn't even think of that. The kids will love it for wall decor. <3 <3