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This is actually the best birthday gift ever. I've been planning on buying these store & pour bottles for quite some time now, and I finally got them. I have not used them yet, so I can not personally tell you how great they are, but I've heard only good things about them and I am looking forward to friday, when my sister is hosting her birthday party and when I'll be able to use them. It is really a great way to speed up your process with your cocktail making and way easier to pour your juices into your shaking glasses or even into a measuring jigger. I know I might sound like a commerical but really, forget about all the juice boxes and spilling them all around your counter... And the best thing yet... you take off the top and use the container as a store bottle that closses up with another lid. I really hope I will be amazed with this product as I am with its descriptions and reviews. I purchased this on amazon and it wasn't cheap, so if any of you guys already worked with those bottles, please tell me more. Until than, wish me happy cocktailing and I promise I will updating you with some new, refreashing or strong cocktails.
oh, thank you so much. Now I am even more excited :) @jeff4122
This is such a cool gift. It takes your home bar to the next level. Having used them in a bar they can speed up your drink making in a big way! enjoy!
I'm going to show this to the BevMo manager and see if he has any.
you do have them in usa, I am sure. @marshalledgar
Never seen these before. awesome gift. wish we had these in usa
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