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so .. i already said im watching winner TV and this episode7 i think has this scary part ... i remember loving family outing the scary episodes especially cause daesung was really cute and funny there :D and then i saw bigbang in one show where they were in amusement park or something and in that scary house :D i know laughin at someone who is scared isnt really nice so yeah i admit im a bit mean :D so back to topic out of all the members of WINNER i thought that jinwoo wouls be the easiest to get scared ... then i thought about taehyun since he is a bit of diva but i wasnt entirelly sure since looks can be decieving :) but i didnt guess seungyoon's reaction for some reason i had no clue about him .. but i thought that mino and seunghoon will not be scared and will be those tough guys even though mino acts like kid and can be all cute and stuff.. i wasnt surprised that innocent jinwoo was scared and even though i was t entirelly sure about taehyun it also wasnt surprise though i was surprised that he wanted to act as ghost (suddenly started to like him even more cause i think i would do the same thing :D i said im a bit mean :D) i was surprised about seunghoon though cause he did get scared .. and even more by seungyoon's absolutely cool reaction i mean he even said "hello " joker and laughed about it all not even a bit scared that was like super cool :D biggest surprise was Mino i admit i should have expected it since he is really like child funny joking playful and even a bit innocent :D he even fell for the ghost twice TWICE :D and taehyun's reaction was just really hilarious maybe mino's even more :D like i already said iam loving these guys more and more :D[engsub]-winner-tv-full cant believe i didnt find Winner TV sooner :D really :D
@cathc ikon had 6 originally c:
@majesticx yeah maybe i should :) i thought that they were always six or seven...
@cathc you should watch WIN: Who is Next. you get to learn about ikon and learn more about winner. ikon added a member though idk his name.... but a lot of fans were mad at that...
@majesticx ok maybe i could find them sooner just to see that dancing :D
@majesticx like i said i dont know much just saw them with winner on V app ...once or twice and didnt even hear them sing or rap ....maybe i will find more or wait for later when they debut or something
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