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Is there anything better than stargazing in the summertime? It's hard to see the stars in Chicago because of the lights ,but when we drive to Wisconsin, which we haven't done in a while, we head to Lake Mendota to see the best stars ever! On really black nights it's almost like every star is just out of arms reach--they seem that close!
To get the kiddos inspired by the great celestial, here is a cute moon sky wall lamp that you can create with a few items.
To get started you are going to need some things:
One piece of cardboard
Empty cereal box
LED string lights (approx. 20 bulbs)
Large plate (11″ circle)
Acrylic paint (black, yellow)
Painters tape
Black tape
4 wooden blocks
Craft knife
Craft glue
Low heat glue gun
Picture of your favorite constellation

Step 1

Place the plate face down onto the piece of cardboard. Trace the circle and cut it out.

Step 2

Cut out one side of the cereal box. Trace both the full and crescent moon onto the back and cut it out.

Step 3

Cut 1 1/5″ wide strips from the cereal box (as many as you need to go around the circle, plus 2-3 smaller strips for the wall attachments).

Step 4

Paint the circle black and the moon yellow (don’t use water, just the paint). Let dry, then glue the ends of the two strips together to make a long band.

Step 5

Glue the yellow crescent moon along the edge of the black circle. Heat up the glue gun.

Step 6

Turn the cardboard circle face down onto the blocks. Place the long band around the circle and tape the ends together with painters tape. Use the hot glue gun to attach the band to the circle. Let dry. Make 2-3 holders out of the cereal box strips by folding them around the wooden blocks into similar segments as shown above. Staple the ends of the holders together.

Step 7

Close the gaps between the band and cardboard circle with black tape so that the light will only escape through the holes and back onto the wall. Glue the holders to the cardboard. Cut a space in the band for the electrical cord to run through.

Step 8

Mark your chosen constellation onto the black painted cardboard and use the reamer to punch holes. I chose the Big and Small Dippers and the Dragon.

Step 9

Tape the string of LED lights to the back of the lamp and run the electrical cord through the designated slit. You can have either indirect light or poke the lights through the holes to make for brighter stars.

Hang it up!

This is a fun sort-of-technical project because it uses electricity. It's always great to mix crafty with electrical projects. If you liked this and want to see more, click here!