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Fellas, I will try my best and give you the benefit of the doubt.

When you stood in front of each other on that beautiful day and recited your vows, you placed rings on each others finger for a reason. Although a ring definitely doesn't symbolize someones love for you -- Beyonce said, "if you liked it than you should've put a ring on it". Ladies, if he put a ring on it, but he can't seem to keep the ring on his own finger -- there may be a problem at hand.
But before you jump the gun, there may be a few legit reasons -- or excuses why his ring is missing. Relax and allow me to explain on his behalf with these four excuses why he's probably not wearing his wedding ring.

It Was Beginning To Get Uncomfortable

This is a very reasonable reason, but it's probably best he deals with the uncomfortableness before the relationship gets just as uncomfortable.

It Was Too Tight

Either his fingers grew or the ring was too small to begin with. You might want to look into that.

It Messes His Basketball Skills Up

Yeah, I can't even vouch for him on this one. Think of a better excuse playboy or just accept the fact that you're no Lebron James.

He's Allergic

Oh, that's probably why his ring finger was itching so much a couple weeks ago.

It's a win-lose situation. You can't have your cake and eat it too -- or can you?

nahhh he better have his ring on, even if his finger is itching! he gotta fight that itch! lol
LOL "he gotta fight that itch" I agree though! not a good enough excuse @alywoah