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Although I am not vegan, I do love to eat and cook different vegan foods. For the first time ever, I went to a vegan restaurant that sold imitation "meat." I am not sure what they were made out of, but I'd take a guess and say soy.
I love vegan dishes -- from black bean burgers, to vegan chili. So, I decided to take a bite out of vegan "chicken" drumsticks.
The presentation was impressive, they looked just like the real thing. Even the consistency of the chicken drumstick was sorta the same. With a crispy outside, and a squishy inside, that resembled a really dry piece of chicken -- it came pretty CLOSE to a chicken consistency.
However, I couldn't down these meat replicas. I didn't expect them to taste like meat, but I didn't expect them to taste like poison fried in poison. I cannot explain the taste, because I have never eaten anything like it. It just tasted very artificial. I was regretting my decision, and wish I had ordered a salad instead. I had to drench my chicken in barbeque sauce to mask the taste, and after 3 nibbling bites, I pushed my plate away from me.
It wasn't for me.

Have you ever had vegan "meat" products before? What's your take on it?

Those are made with seitan! It's not soy-based, but made with wheat gluten protein.
morning star brand is really good and tuforky isnt the best but it is good too i believe daiya has fake meat? but im not sure but one of those has fake spicy chicken nuggets and it was soooo good it tasted like the real thing
Lol that experience scared me away. i can't do it gurl. no more fake meat!!! I'd definitely choose to eat just vegetables for the rest of my life, than to make fake meat work for me. @jordanhamilton
Idk about all but the hotdogs are gross. I'm okay with meatless dishes. Rice and black beans *boom* I'm a happy camper.
@EasternShell yeah I am not much of a picky eater, but there's something about imitation meats that I can't get over. I've had vegan hot-dogs too. They were gross as well. I guess it's safe to say that any vegan/vegetarian foods hat tries to mimic meat products are pretty nasty lol.
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