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Although I am not vegan, I do love to eat and cook different vegan foods. For the first time ever, I went to a vegan restaurant that sold imitation "meat." I am not sure what they were made out of, but I'd take a guess and say soy.
I love vegan dishes -- from black bean burgers, to vegan chili. So, I decided to take a bite out of vegan "chicken" drumsticks.
The presentation was impressive, they looked just like the real thing. Even the consistency of the chicken drumstick was sorta the same. With a crispy outside, and a squishy inside, that resembled a really dry piece of chicken -- it came pretty CLOSE to a chicken consistency.
However, I couldn't down these meat replicas. I didn't expect them to taste like meat, but I didn't expect them to taste like poison fried in poison. I cannot explain the taste, because I have never eaten anything like it. It just tasted very artificial. I was regretting my decision, and wish I had ordered a salad instead. I had to drench my chicken in barbeque sauce to mask the taste, and after 3 nibbling bites, I pushed my plate away from me.
It wasn't for me.

Have you ever had vegan "meat" products before? What's your take on it?

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@s01038756657 요거 재료가 엽기적이고 건강에는 좋은데 서양인에게는 맛이 독특해서 먹기엔 역부족인 뭐..그러래용같아요^^
I like vegan burgers and sausage but I tried a hotdog and had a similar experience that you had with chicken. There wasn't enough of anything I could use to mask the flavor. I'm usually pretty open.
@EasternShell yeah I am not much of a picky eater, but there's something about imitation meats that I can't get over. I've had vegan hot-dogs too. They were gross as well. I guess it's safe to say that any vegan/vegetarian foods hat tries to mimic meat products are pretty nasty lol.
Idk about all but the hotdogs are gross. I'm okay with meatless dishes. Rice and black beans *boom* I'm a happy camper.