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If you're totally oblivious, you might not be aware that the trailer for the upcoming Deadpool movie already leaked. Well the good news is we only have to wait one more day before the grainy, wobbly footage is replaced with high-res glory.

In the meantime, here's a teaser.

We get to see Deadpool in character, full of metahumor and crass humor, which is exactly what longtime fans expect from the character. He's the best kind of antihero: funny and rude and fond of small explosives. If you're still feeling really impatient for the... well, explosive trailer, this teaser should tide you over.
@Defiant @BrittasticBlast @DanRodriguez @buddyesd @SuzieMoreno @DanicaThach @LAVONYORK @rydkercisneros The question now is, which one of us is going to post the trailer to Vingle first?
@DanRodriguez lol XD honestly I have work tomorrow, I shouldn't wait up all night for it. Yet here I am...
I honestly think you'll beat me to it, I'm excited!
@buddyesd so true T_T
@shannonl5 so much to watch and so little time lol
@LAVONYORK lol no worries! I'm excited to hear what you think of the trailer when it comes out :D @buddyesd HEHEHE me tooo! :D
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