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When it came to the new Ant-Man movie, I was skeptical. He's one of those characters that, like Howard the Duck, just makes me cringe. And when the question was posed which one I looked forward to more, Ant-Man or Fantastic 4, F4 was my immediate answer. Yes, I'm 100% behind the power-house that is Marvel Films, but Ant-Man? No thanks!
But I must admit, that I was pleasantly surprised -- actually extremely surprised. This is the first Marvel movie I haven't seen before opening day or at midnight since the first Captain America movie. The trailers never got me into the idea of it any more. And even people's reviews left me thinking 'is it still worth my time?' I was in it only for the after credits trailer. But I enjoyed this movie so much more than I thought I would.
It was a great combination of old-school Marvel humor mixed with the new movie cameo explosion we've grown used to. And for anyone who, like me, was concerned that this movie would fall short of all that the universe has grown to be, it certainly didn't fall short of awesome. With some great comedic moments, Ant-Man was able to keep my friend (who doesn't know much about the comic books or the continuity of the Marvel universe) interested while still being all a true fan could hope for.
I'm trying to review without ruining everything, but I'm excited for Evangeline Lilly's role in the future - I'm happy that we'll be seeing more strong women leading up to the Captain Marvel movie (why can't it be sooner!!???). And although no infinity stones came into play this time around, I am looking forward to Civil War even more now. (I'm only concerned how well that will work out seeing as how there's not nearly as many heroes introduced in the universe as I would have liked if I were on the writing team for that movie).
So yes, Ant-Man was pleasantly surprising. It won't be a two-time view in the theater movie like the others were for me, but I am happy that I went to see it instead of waiting for the DVD.
@shannonl5 your so cool :) thanx :D
@buddyesd aww that's so sweet! I'll try not to send any spoilers your way in the meantime!
I'll have to wait till it comes out on DVD, I promised my son we'd watch it when he comes back from vacation. but from the trailers it looked like something I'd enjoy
I'm actually surprised. I thought this movie was just gonna be straight-up awful. I'm glad to hear that that might not be the case in the end. I'm still not gonna go pay to see it in a theatre, but I'll check it out at some point. awesome review.
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