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I ordered this shirt off redbubble and it came in today!!! I went to check for it and jumped up and down on the street when I saw the package. I also got a sticker cause why not
like your shirt
Oooooo. Its SOOO CUTE!! :D
@SerenaMcG hahaha right...I do get my stuff online its so much cheaper, even tho I saw it at the store still it was too expensive. that's how I usually with my friends bahaha
@DetkaN I've managed to by like bundle deals from the record company when albums come out or something like that and get stuff for a better price. When we pass Hot Topic or I see something related to Korea I grab onto my mom and start yelling "pull me away before I get sucked in, quick pull mum" lol
@DetkaN Ahh, I've done that too with some of my metal t-shirts. There's so much I want and my mom thinks I'm crazy for it
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