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This was me when my friends and I went to go watch 'Minions'. I'm basically the worst.
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@danidee yesth I do. Alwaysth makesth my daysth.(I really do have a lisp)
@TerrecaRiley I used to have one when I was a little kid.. it was so embarrassing lol
@danidee ok. Was it bad?how did you get rid of it? Lisp is a thing here. One of our famous dance hall artiste, Elephant Man had a lisp that he doesn't even try to hide. I think I grew mine out a bit or learned to control it somehow. I think it's unique.Now and again, in the middle of a conversation, someone would ask if I have a lisp. Once I spoke to a dentist about getting braces and she suggested that I get a trainer for my tongue to get rid on my lisp, she gave me the stink eye and tried to embarrass me when I told her that I love my lisp... because how can anyone love a lisp?She aright still (she's ok).
@TerrecaRiley I had to go see a speech therapist at school actually! They'd pull me out of class every so often for speech 'classes' where I'd work with a speech teacher to try to train it to go away. Eventually it worked.
@danidee oh. I understand now...