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Tisha Cherry uses food and turns them into art! She has an Instagram, where she features her yummy artwork! She wants to bake you happy with all of her impressive pieces. Check them out! :)

Check out more of Tisha Cherry's art work here.
Ahahaha the Drake ice cream topper is awesomeeee. Also, yay! Shout out to pork roll, the best meat to ever come from my home state!!! :D Public service announcement to everyone: if you haven't tried a pork roll, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich, you need to.
It's weird how our eyes naturally fill in Marge Simpson's face in the M&M one.
@danidee so true! I was thinking that.
YES! I love this. I have a favorite artist that uses sugar and jelly and things like trash piles to make really cool art. you should check him out too: Vik Muniz