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A popular TwitchTV streamer and League of Legends player who goes by the handle of Trick2G, has been banned from streaming on Twitch because he allegedly staged a "swatting" on himself.
Swatting refers to when agitated players or viewers of someone's online live stream call in a terror threat or other such claim to the authorities, citing the streamer's location as the site. In the past, this has led to certain streamers having fully-armed SWAT teams crashing into their homes on a false alarm.
Though this was a fake swatting, staged by Trick2G with some of his friends, TwitchTV has banned him from streaming on their website, as they believe this kind of behavior will encourage others to do the same or to call in genuine threats so that other streamers get 'swatted'.
surely once Trick2G explains the situation, his banning will be lifted, though it's hard to say, as swatting has become a real issue in the online streaming community.