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I think this gorgeous man needs to be appreciated today!! I mean just look at him. . . Ladies try not to *swoon* all at once, I know I did #sorrynotsorry!
Uhm What was i saying... Yes. Now since I'm drooling, Whenever he speaks english it's a-h-mazing! Pretty sure my heart melts.
His smile is perfect. Need I say more?
Just Because this song is catchy. You're welcome! Good luck getting that tune out of your head! I know i won't! So this may have backfired!
Ack. I am way past the I. Can't. Even. Stage... But i need UGGS and Starbucks STAT. Let's just say that this man is GLADLY taking my mondays over!! ❀ Heaven's To Murgatroyd, There is an angel ^ up there. @Taijiotter @VixenViVi Ladies Appreciate with me! If i missed anyone who adores Kim Joon like us, I apologize but your a ninja. I'll be sure to add you next time!
@najalong1998 did you make your name searchable?
@najalong1998 you give me too much credit. Thank you though. @AimeeH Haha good thing I'm not coming off as bossy but I think we're all the brains.
@najalong1998 @AimeeH I think I might have an idea. I need to Photoshop.
@najalong1998 I love it! I think we each should have a unique style with the same colors and sporting our emblem.
@najalong1998 that's so cool!
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