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This is a scenario of the song Say No by Beast. Picture is from Google. This one is pretty short. Hope you enjoy it!! Kikwang's POV Today my best friend just asked me if it was okay for him to date you. Since we broke up, he said he would cherish you in my place. "That's okay." Even though that was different from what I really felt. "It's alright since we have nothing to do with each other anymore. You don't need to apologize, my heart doesn't hurt at all. Just be a good boyfriend to her in my place." I couldn't bring myself to tell him that I still can't sleep at night because you. I even encouraged him with a fake smile and sent him to you. Once I was alone, I said aloud. "Can't you see that I still love you? In my heart, I just can't seem to let go. Please say no to him. Tell him you can't and that you're still waiting for me." ~ A few days ago~ "She can't drink a lot and she hates smoking. She doesn't like being alone, so always stay right by her. Make sure to celebrate each others' birthdays and anniversaries." Why am I telling him all this? What does it mean? Regretting it right away as I turned around. My heart pounded painfully and tears welled up in my eyes. But I faked it and acted cool. Getting upset behind my friend's back, I begged for it to not be true. Can't you see that I still love you? It just seems like moving on is impossible. The words I still can't sleep because of you, I still can't say it. I even encouraged him with a fake smile and sent him away to you. Please tell him no and that you're still waiting for me. Say No.
@kpopgaby the song did the same to me!!
My heart is broken..........why you do dis to me?!??!
This is so sweet and so sad!! :(((( Did you write this @VIPforever123 or is this a true story??
@VIPforever123 I can imagine
This is based on a song. But I totally agree with you that is sad and heart-breaking!! @allischaaff