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So I was in Chicago's Chinatown and came upon the best store...I couldn't take pictures inside, but it was AMAZING. As soon as I walked in I heard 2NE1's Come Back Home. This woman had EVERYTHING! T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, stickers, post cards, masks, light sticks, CDs, DVDs, drawstring bags, was Kpop heaven!
So naturally I bought as much as I could afford for right now.
This one's for you Rap Mon!! We are all behind you 100%!!
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Damn it now I need to make a trip to Chicago!!!
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Omg, I was in the Chicago Chinatown but never saw this. I used to hate that Chinatown cause it was so tiny, but now I realize that this is Actually the best Chinatown for a Chinese Kpop fan like me.
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Ohmigosh I need to go to Chicago now!
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