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Welcome Echo Kellum to the cast!

Playing Curtis Holt (aka. Mr. Terrific), Kellum will be playing the first openly gay African-American superhero in a live-action show. In the comics, his character became a hero after the death of his wife and unborn baby. The show will probably go a different route, which means we're getting a new hero whose backstory isn't another tired fridging narrative. Score!
He won't be the sole LGBT presence on the show; he'll be joining Sara Lance aka. Canary, who is openly bisexual.
While it would be nice to see this kind of representation in a more widespread way (a similar character in a titular film role for example), this seems like a great step towards getting us there. Especially since the kind of representation the show seems to be invested in offering is very positive- not full of lazy caricatures or offensive statements.

Bravo Arrow!

@BPF1916 @OhmaCharly @SkyAdair I'm even more excited now for what's in store next season!
@shawnvsaaron yeah I'm really curious about the upcoming season now
I'm really interested in this character. I think it's really different and compelling, and gives the writers the flexability to craft stories that we haven't seen before
if that was a lesbian "hero" everybody would be all for it.....
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