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I have been depressed a lot lately. Normally I can think positive and get over it, but there are a lot of ppl in my life (including some family members) that have been bringing me down
I am trying to be strong and smile for my son but it has been getting hard. Those people are trying to run my life and when I do thing that I want to they say thing and act in a way that makes me feel like I'm doing everything wrong
And the worse part of it is, is that I tear myself down along with them. once someone starts bringing me down I start telling myself terrible thing and sometimes I stop eating all together.. I...just don't know what to do right now...I'm stressed and depressed and completely losing my mind lately ugh. Just needed to let that out.
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I hear you sister. Ive been progressively deteriorating emotionally for years and am not willing to cry out loud. My best friend recently tried to kill herself and it almost pushed me to the edge. Keep on keeping on. <3