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I don't know if you ever had this or even heared about this, and if you haven't you should totally think of this and try to make it yourself. I don't think there is a word for this in enligsh. I did aksed some friends and they all said to me: pastry. So I guess, pastry it is. In Slovene, it is called "pastetke". This is something that replaces your every day potato, rice or pasta with something a bit different. It is not quite healthy, so don't get me wrong. But I can tell you it is worth a sin. If goes well with some beef stew, actually we only have it with that and it really is amazing.
1. Prepare your puff pastry 2. Scramble an egg 3. Prepare your kitchen utensils (rolling pin, fork, brush, baking cutters)
Roll out the pastry with rolling pin and use your baking cutter of your choice. Roll out the pastry about 3mm thick.
Place your cut out pastry pieces onto the baking tray and fork them a bit and than cover them with scrambled egg (use a brush).
Place them as it is shown on picture and put the tray into oven for about 10 minutes.
Bake them on 180°C and check them a couple of times, so you won't over-bake them. They should rise up to 5 times, the more the better.
You serve those usually with some kind of stew or sauce, since they are best as dip into something. And don't worry if they get cold, the stew is going to be hot anyways.
Man, I need to find where to get puff pastry because these look easy + delicious!!
I love that they're all heart-shaped. That's so cute. Are they always traditionally shaped that way?
it goes well with beef stew. @MooshieBay
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