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Mini Cheesecakes using Sally's Baking Addiction recipe
The original recipe called for using salted caramel on top but unfortunately due to time constraints (as I was prepping for a party) I ended up only having the mini cheesecakes which turned out to be a huge sucess as everyone (regardless of age) enjoyed gobbling these goodies up
here are some pictures of the process :) It was a lot of fun getting back into baking.
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@allischaaff here's some pictures of the mini cheesecakes, thank you so much for sharing them :)
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These came out adorable!!! They look so professional and delicious!! Wow. I'm so glad you posted these pics :) thanks @PikaPixie! :D
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I looooove Sally's baking addiction! I've been making her recipes for a year now and they are the best!
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YUM time for me to try to make some!!!
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Also @PikaPixie I'm going to post a link to your card in my original card so people who try the recipe can see how yours came out :)
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