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okay. I don't know if it's a good thing or bad thing that BAP is going back to that company. what I can say for sure is that TS lost all our trust and we're gonna be watching them like hawks on how they treat our boys. I trust and respect the boys decision. hopefully we'll hear from the boys soon on this matter. I really really want them to comeback but on the condition is that they are happy and they are treated better. I don't want to see my boys losing their smiles ever again or hearing that they were pulled out of the hospital just because they had a performance. I don't want too see them so so skinny. I think I can speak for all us BABYz that we just want them happy and healthy. I want too see their smiles again.!! And I want to see them on shows once in awhile.!! not just on tour and music shows and radio shows. I think we all want to see them having fun and showing us their true personalities, you know like Running Man;) We already know them though, they're shy, humble, hardworking, always caring for us. I can't wait too see them. and that damn company better treat them right if not they better watch out. WOW. I wrote a whole article kind of. hahaha. oh well. BAP is my number one group. my loves. I adore them. if you read this. thank you... I just vented a little bit. BAP fighting.!!! BABYz fighting.!!! ps: ts you better watch out.;)
and once again. if you read this long... (what can I call it....).. an article... a letter... well y'all get the idea ^^ LOVE Y'ALL ♡(∩o∩)♡ and BAP I LOVE YOU.!!!!LOS AMO.!!! 사랑합니다 !! (*^3^)/~♡
@YeseniaLira I know I cannot wait to hear or see them again
@YeseniaLira I understand I supposed to go to Kcon in NY but I won't be able to and it makes me sad plus I missed GOT7 in Dallas because it was stupid mothers day. I use to live in Oklahoma so it was only 4 hours away for me....(I just moved to Massachusetts) I have some videos on YouTube
@DetkaN OMG.!! I was like and hour and a half away... but because of some personal reasons I couldn't go. :( I regret it.. not going.. I was watching fancams. staying up to day on twitter. haha.
@DetkaN haha. you're gonna have to share. ^^ I adore that man with all my heart and soul.!!! Bang Yongguk is just a gorgeous human being with a heart and soul of an angel.! <3 I almost made it to their concert last year in Dallas but unfortunately I couldn't. :( I still regret it to this day of not being able to go... @DetkaN
@YeseniaLira I am too. Gukkie is my I saw them live last year and I might truly cry if I see them live again lol
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