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There has been constant up and down reports on this movie. One time it was not going to be made and now there are reports that the movie will be made and Gambit is going to be.....
Channing! Now Marvel fans I have a question. Do you think Gambit needs a stand alone film?
I'd really love to see a gambit film that's true to his character and the environment of the cajun south. I'm also interested to see Tatum's depth as an actor, because the cajun accent is not an easy one to do right. But I would totally pay to see a stand alone gambit film
@shannonl5 ... uh the hot one from 21 jump street is Ice Cube...
@shannonl5 the actor I would love to see play him is Donnie Yen. he's probably too old for the part, but every movie he uses a staff or a spear he totally owns it :)
I think it really depends on the film! Like @buddyesd said I think he had a lot of great storylines. Then again so did Wolverine and his stand-alone films weren't very well-received... this might just be the production company trying to make another movie so they can keep the film rights to the character (if they don't, Maverl Studios would get them back) but that doesn't mean they can't make a good movie with Gambit.
I always enjoyed his story lines in the comics, I don't see why a stand alone film wouldn't work
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