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Moms, daughters, fashionistas, drag queens, et cetera, there's a hot "new" designer in town, and his name is Ziad Nakad. His 2015 "Elegance Vibes" Collection is nothing less than STUNNING! I say "new" like he just arrived on the fashion scene, which is complete bunk! If anyone is new, it's me, because before today I had never heard of the Lebanese designer.
What caught my attention is the next gown because for a split-second I thought it was an Elie Saab creation. And you all know how much I am obsessed with Saab. When I realized this was Nakad, I did some looking into his designs and they are remarkable. Delicate. Feminine. Striking. Bold. Sexy. An entire world of superlatives that you really must see.
This card is dedicated--not to brides--but to the moms out there who have sons and daughters getting married. Perhaps you're a guest and need something to wear. Nakad is what you need! Take a look at some of his gowns from the "Elegance Vibes" 2015 Collection.
I was 99% convinced that this was a Saab gown until I looked closer. THIS IS MY FAV!
If you had to choose, which of these gowns MUST YOU HAVE?! Like I said, the first gown in box 2 is my FAVORITE. But these are ALL FABULOUS GOWNS!
And for the brides out there wondering, YES, he has an entire bridal collection of white and off-white gowns that are STUNNING. I will be sharing those gowns with you shortly. Please let me know what you think of these gowns in the comments below. Thank you!
For more designer gowns, take a look by clicking here.
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It's both a wonderful and tragic feeling when you can't decide between gowns! @yernaya I wish I had known about Ziad Nakad a lot sooner!
These dressed have pockets!!!! like bruh!! not only are the georgous but they have practicality!
Yep @Keashaa! Which of these is your favorite? I can't get enough of Nakad!
@marshalledgar the 5th and 9th 9ne I think are the same and has to be my favorite. like the pockets!!! I don't even like the color pink but it's just so beautiful. the 10th picture calls out to me as well. also the wedding ball gown that brought me here like I want that for my own wedding. his designs really are amazing
That is great @keashaa Actually, the 5th and 9th ones are different, though, they do look almost the same. The fabric pattern is just a little different. Have you seen all of the gowns in my collection? If you love Nakad, then you will love Elie Saab! Saab is my #1 Favorite!!!!!!