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One member of Bigbang that does not get as much love as he deserves is definitely Daesung, AKA D-Light (But my pet name for him is Dae Dae). *Note: I am not saying he does not get love, I'm saying he deserves more love. Here are some reasons to love Dae Dae.
1. His obvious HOT body.
2. Sure his body can get us crazy, but his smile can make us lose our minds.
There is just something captivating about his nose when he smiles, that cute wrinkle on it with his rather small eyes is just... Ahhh. Love.
3. His lips.
I personally want to bite them when I stare at them. Who is with me?
4. His voice.
Okay, who else wants to be serenaded by Dae Dae? I am hoping I am the only one, but I am kind of not. It's a weird feeling.
5. His amazing back flexibility.
P.S. I died while watching this video. Dae Dae's laughter was so cute I laughed alongside him.
6. He looks good in clothes as well as out of them!
Seriously, I think he can be covered up like T.O.P and I will still go crazy for him.
It's definitely not just you, Dae Dae.

Well that is the end of this card. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved creating it for you all. ♡♡♡

Please give credit to the people who originally posted these pictures and videos, for I just borrowed their work for this card.
His smile is just so contagious:))))
that smile omg can I keep him :p
of course of course xD @fabiolagavina
@fabiolagavina but he's so marrying me one day okay? ;) JK LOL but I love him ♡♡♡
@szewwy unfortunately I feel like he won't get at many for E. T.O.P and GD are for sure getting one song, the other is probably going to be divided once again. I love GD to death, but he does sing the most. Not that I an complaining since he writes the music to suit his band members very well.
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